West of the West reveals the epic human history of our continent's final frontier.

Often called the Galapagos of North America, the eight Channel Islands lie in plain sight of millions of people off the Southern California coast. Yet few know their names or even how many there are. And fewer still know the fascinating tales of those who've lived, worked, discovered, surfed, dived, ranched, wrecked or were rescued on these unique and beautiful islands. Told in 13 different tales.

West of the West

Part 1: Ancient Peoples

The earliest history of the Channel Islands. Beginning with the discovery of the oldest human remains ever found in North America – 13,000 year old Arlington Springs Man – to the true story of the Lone Woman of San Nicolas – the inspiration for the best selling children's book Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Part 2: Settlers

Tales of the adventurers and dreamers who came to the Channel Islands. Included are chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr.'s vision for Catalina Island and the wreck of the gold bullion filled steamer Winfield Scott.

Part 3: Return

The dramatic efforts to restore and preserve the Channel Islands. From Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh's devotion to saving Santa Cruz Island to the confrontation of preservationists and animal rights activists over the fate of unique island species.

Bonus Tale: Shark Park – The story of surfers discovering and riding a giant wave off San Miguel Island.

DVD contains 3 one hour PBS programs. Introduced by Joe Walsh.
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Directed by Peter S. Seaman and Brent Sumner
Produced by Sam Tyler
Cinematography and Editing by Brent Sumner
Original Score by Jesse Rhodes
An Original Song “Island” by Joe Walsh and Joe Vitale.

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